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“Skillfully executed, folk-derived songwriting” ~ Clash Magazine

Currently developing and recording music which blends folk-punk sounds, biting lyrics and harmonies, Jazamin is a self-taught singer-songwriter, regularly playing gigs in and around Liverpool, having performed at Threshold Festival, BBC 6 Music Fringe Festival and many other gigs around the UK, in Italy and in the United States.

Jazamin’s debut single ‘Goodbye’ is out now! Click here to buy the song on bandcamp or click here to stream or buy the track on other platforms.

In 2015, her song ‘Ten Years’ was selected for Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition’s Longlist by Clash Magazine for its “skillfully executed, folk-derived songwriting”.

Jazamin’s debut single ‘Goodbye’ is out now! Click here to buy the song on bandcamp or stream or buy the track on other platforms.

Session Work & Choral Singing

Jazamin has been singing with Sense of Sound since early 2005, and with them has performed with: Damon Albarn; Massive Attack; Pink Floyd; David Coulter; Chrissy Hynde; Thea Gilmore; Seal; Ringo Starr; Paco Peña; Jamie Webster; Natalie McCool; Stealing Sheep; SK Slomo; Patrick Wolf; K-Klass; and Kaleidoscope Orchestra. Performances include: ‘BBC’s Eurovision Welcome event’; ‘Welcome to Eurotopia’; ‘Reminisce Festival in concert’; ‘Cream Classical’; ‘5 Minutes To Midnight – Greenpeace anti-trident campaign’ with Massive Attack and Damon Albarn; ‘The Madcap’s Last Laugh: Syd Barrett Tribute’ with Pink Floyd; Olympic Torch Relay; Paco Peña’s ‘Requiem for the Earth’; and LIMF. Venues include: The Barbican; The Royal Albert Hall; and M&S Bank Arena.

Jazamin is a former backing vocalist for Science of the Lamps, having toured with them alongside Moulettes and The Slytones. Jazamin was also a regular host at Mellowtone’s former open mic nights at The Magnet and Jacaranda Records.

Performing with Sense of Sound at Cream Classical with K-Klass and Kaleidoscope Orchestra [Photo Credit - Anthony Mooney]


Videos & Audio

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