Fine Art

I graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Cardiff in 2002 when I also received The Welsh Assembly Award for Fine Art. I produce figurative still-life drawings and paintings using a variety of media, including pencil, pen, ink, charcoal, chalks, pastels and paints. I often produce Indian ink and painted drawings as a starting point for my paintings. Recently, I developed my ink and watercolour drawings to produce satirical storyboard illustrative paintings and drawings. Even more recently, I have been working on some socio-political illustrations to highlight and document the current climate in Britain.


As with my personal photography, my focus is on everyday objects and things that often go unnoticed. With all of my work, I have a tendency towards, and am heavily influenced by, the kitchen-sink school of art [a term coined to describe painters who depict social realist–type scenes of domestic life] as well as by illustrations by Quentin Blake. For the satirical storyboard illustrations, ideas often stem from real-life, making many semi-autobiographical.

My paintings, which I would loosely describe as being abstract realism works, are developed from areas of my ink and watercolour drawings. I take elements of my finished drawings and then create one or even several paintings from those drawings. I choose an area of the drawing that I think would create a successful painting and then I loosely paint everything I have drawn onto the canvas. When doing so, I try to incorporate the spontaneity of the original drawing. The piece is then finished off with exacting precision using bold bright colour, surrounded by fluid black outlines and large areas of white.

Commissions are available to order. Prints can be ordered from £20. Greetings cards for £4. Existing unsold artwork can be viewed and purchased upon request.

For all enquiries and prices, please click here to send me an email or call 07811 059702.