I have been running workshops for over ten years and have facilitated workshops in the visual arts, photography & Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom techniques, canvas making and music. I can work with any age from two years plus!

In 2012, I was commissioned by Merseytravel and dot-art to facilitate art workshops with young people at Calder Kids Adventure Playground [a venue specifically opened for children and young people with disabilities, from ages 5-19 years]. I successfully implemented these workshops over the course of three days and the children created hundreds of colourful images, exploring materials and creating their own unique artwork, mixing paint, glue, glitter and collage. When running the workshops, I encouraged freedom to play and explore materials without being too restrictive about what the children could use or do. This made the process accessible and fun for everyone, whilst boosting the children’s creativity and independence, giving them confidence in what they were doing. The final outcome was of a high standard because they enjoyed the process so much! I photographed the artwork that was created and collated the images into print-ready digital files. Merseytravel had these printed and they are now displayed at Mossley Hill train station.

I was also a writer, performer and an art/music workshop facilitator in early years settings, as part of a jointly-owned organisation Melodycrayons. In 2010 we toured our Picnic Adventure around schools, nurseries and Sure Start centres across Cheshire and Merseyside with the Mini Network. Our performances and workshops engaged, educated and entertained the children and covered the areas of the Learning and Development Requirements as set out in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

I have worked with schools, children’s centres, venues and companies, including Archbishop Blanch School, Ash Grove Children’s Centre, Calder Kids Adventure Playground, Catalyst Creative Arts, Cledford Primary School, Delfina Projects Ltd, Delfina Women Ltd, dot-art, Edge Hill Youth Centre, Farndon Primary School, Merseytravel, Nantwich Children’s Centre, Oakenclough Children’s Centre, Rebecca’s Day Nursery, Roscoe Junior School, The Oaks Primary Community School, Threshold Festival CIC and Victoria Road Children’s Centre.

For all enquiries and prices, please click here to send me an email or call 07811 059702.