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13 Sep


Below is a list of quotes from Boris Johnson that are in an illustration I have made called ‘VERBATIM’.

I made this artwork to highlight what a dangerous person Boris Johnson is. Homophobic, racist, islamophobic, sexist, inflammatory rhetoric is causing hate crimes to rise.

This drawing is part of my Illustrated Prosody series of political drawings. The full list of quotes below includes dates of when the words were said or printed, and links to the sources where the quotes were found.

Since making this drawing, as I find more quotes, I am adding them to this list.

'VERBATIM' Boris Johnson quotes

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01 Dec

Rainbow Laces & Premier League

I am really excited to say that Premier League have used my footage of choirs singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ from Liverpool Pride 2016 in a short film [created by Nomad] about Paul Amann as part of Stonewall’s ‘Rainbow Laces’ campaign.

Paul is the founder of Kop Outs: Liverpool’s LGBT+ Fans Group and the choirs who performed together on the day are: Liverpool LGBT Choir; Sunlight Unplugged; Up For Arts Community Choir; Kaboodle Community Choir; The Choir with No Name; and Sense of Sound Singers. All choirs were led by Jennifer John.

Click here to see the video on the Premier League website!

You can find out more about my filmmaking here: jazamin.co.uk/filmmaking