Recent film work includes: Documentary coverage of Liverpool Pride 2016 & 2017, some of which was recently licenced for use as part of a short film about Paul Amann commissioned by Premier League as part of Stonewall’s ‘Rainbow Laces’ campaign; promotional videos for Sahir House’s ‘Celebration of Life’ events; a mixture of pre-recorded performances and short films with Operation Lightfoot; as well as other live music events, music videos and performances [including videos to support the development of a new piece of musical theatre and a kickstarter campaign for Treaty Pie].

I provide filmmaking services for a variety of requirements including: Live music events; music videos; performances; interviews and documentaries. I always try meet with my clients in advance to find out specific requirements. This ensures that I am able to provide a service that is perfectly suited to an individual’s brief. It is important to understand the outcome of the film, or the message that needs to be conveyed. 

Clients include: Premier League; Nomad; Liverpool Sound City; Liverpool Pride; Jennifer John; Lorna Brooks; Sahir House; Sense of Sound Singers; Thomas Lang; Treaty-Pie; WOW Festival; Luke Moore; Jo Bywater; John Jenkins; Kate Stewart; The Waitress; Alice Kirwan; Luke Montague; Megan Louise; Operation Lightfoot; Two Black Sheep and The Silence Between Us – The Musical.

Click the videos below to see examples of my work.

'Caged Bird' [Two Black Sheep]

Official Liverpool Pride Film 2016

'Troubadours' [James Sills]

'Silhouettes' [John Jenkins & Megan-Louise]

'Strange Affair' [Jennifer John]

'Sharks' [Operation Lightfoot]

'Are You Out There' [The Silence Between Us - The Musical]

'One More Time [Lorna Brooks]

'You're My World' [Thomas Lang]

'The Winter Thaw' [Alice Kirwan]

Singing workshop with Jennifer John

'Game Set Match' [The Waitress]

'Avoiding The Blues' [The Waitress]

'Stars' [The Silence Between Us - The Musical]