Improvathon 2013

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Here are images of the artwork I created for 33.33 hours (2013 minutes) during Impropriety’s depraved & debauched Improvathon 2013. I documented scenes as they happened in front of me and used quotes for a lot of the pictures. I only slept for about an hour when I literally passed out/couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. As a result some of the episodes/scenes could quite possibly be a bit mixed up and some of the outfits are painted using the wrong colours. To be honest, some pieces are also considerably better than others: I was after all improvising & didn’t have a clue what I was going to do when I got there. They got a bit better over time.

If you want to know more about the story/plot read the live blog from the weekend.

if you want to see some of them in real life, a few of these pictures are currently on display at The Egg in HeadSpace@EggSpace’s Painting Exhibition which is up until 12th May 2013.

All are available to purchase for £33.33 unless marked sold. Limited edition prints are also available from £20.13 (A4 size). If you were a cast member or part of Impropriety’s team, I am offering everything at 1/2 price. And if you want them framed they will cost more. Please email me at: or call 07811059702 for more info.

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