‘City After Dark’: An exhibition for one night only at twenty-five bar tomorrow evening!

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twentyfive bar
twentyfive bar

City Art After Dark is an exhibition for one night only at twentyfive bar, a stylish new bar located in Liverpool’s city centre business district tomorrow evening. I will have 3 pieces of work included (see the images below)…

The organisers have said:

“Our venue for the evening is twentyfive bar which is of course a non-traditional exhibit space, although has been selected from many venues within the Liverpool Business District to fit with our criteria of a dynamic, exciting, vibrant space. We pride ourselves in our ability to stray from the norm with great success!

“The exhibition, will spotlight established local artists and also emerging local artists.

“Our exhibitions are a great opportunity for art lovers to come together to appreciate and celebrate art, and get their creative juices flowing.

“There is also the option to enjoy a mocktail or a cocktail also from the impressive cocktail menu, or also fine wines.”

Venue: twentyfive bar, Beethem Plaza, 25 The Strand, Liverpool, L2 0XJ.
Date: 11th November 2011; 7:00pm.

Please visit my website to see more of my artwork!

'Pepper': Original painting by Jazamin Sinclair

'Peeler': Original painting by Jazamin Sinclair

'Mat 2': Painting by Jazamin Sinclair

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  1. KatiesCameraBlog  —  11th November 2011 at 12:42 am

    Good luck tomorrow night and have fun! I really like these, especially the 2nd the 3rd ones.


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