Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland 9, Photograph by Jazamin Sinclair

I’m currently going through the photographs I took at Newsham Park when we had snow last winter & at this years Lantern Parade in Sefton Park & thought I would share a few of them. I will be printing & framing some of them for two events that I am going to be part of very soon!

I will be taking part in this year’s Winter Arts Market at St. George’s Hall on Saturday 3rd December between 10am – 5pm. This is organised by Charlotte & Christina from Open Culture, & in their words: “Buy handmade, buy local, buy beautiful”.

I will have paintings, photographs & drawings available for sale & will be sharing a stall with Jackie Stevens in the Elms, Cockerell & Reid Rooms so please come & visit us! Entry is only £1.50 and under 16’s get in for free!

I am also taking part in Winter Blues 6 at The Egg. I am helping to organise this exhibition with HeadSpace@EggSpace which opens on Thursday 24th November 2011 at 7pm.

The exhibition will feature artwork by: Katrina Avotina; Michael Barrow; Elizabeth Beckmann; John Chatterton; May Chong; Anna Di Scala; Helene Dougherty; Mags Garet; Gareth Halsall; Barbara Harrison; Justice Hyde; Linda Jones; Tony Kennedy; Teresa Lee; Masterofdots; Hazel Mutch; Doutimiye Netimah; Niall Oakes; Christopher T Roberts; Debbie Ryan; Sue Skitt; Jazamin Sinclair; David Symonds; Zephyrbaby

I am still offering 25% off anything bought or commissioned from me between now & the end of December! This means that these limited edition (1/15) A4 sized photographs can currently be bought for £18.75 unframed or £30.00 framed.

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